Sunday, November 4, 2012

...Kindness. Caring. Compassion.

I know I don't say it enough, and I know I can't say it enough, Thank-you.

I am once again taken back by strangers caring, wanting to help and acting on that desire. It is truly a comfort. What every one person does, matters, makes a difference, and it is so easy to get lost and forget that in our day to day life.

 Kindness. Caring. Compassion.

These qualities  still exist, I see them in you. I see them in me. It is so important that we give these qualities away, because for some, that is the only gift they will recieve, and quite frankly, the only gift they need.

Special thanks this week to:
Anne Enright  (a card designer, check her out)
Driscoll  of Massachusetts
Tina Sieja
Ginger Waddle
Your dolls are fantastic!

Big Smiles to All,

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