Monday, March 19, 2012


ok a quick personal update. My DH made it home from the hospital last Friday so he has been home for a little over a week. His strength increases daily, which is wonderful. Every day does show a new challenge, whether it is accepting the fact that recovery is slow, or coming to peace with the torturous sounds of the Harleys coming thru our open windows...March in the Midwest NEVER has 80 degree stretches and my DH loves to ride his Harley. (which he can't, yet...sometimes he feels they ride past the house mocking him) As I said, each day presents it's challenge, but thank God it does, as the alternative would have been much worse.
NOW, onto Team 71.

This Sunday I was invited out to watch the Hammond Indiana Robotic team demonstrate their Robot. Team 71 participate in FIRST  robotics which is a nation wide technology competition. Let me say, these kids are AMAZING! Not only do they build a working basketball playing robot to specifications in just 6 weeks, they do community charity work throughout the year. Dee, one of their coaches, had read about CDP in SewNews and thought is was a wonderful project that the kids could participate in and would also be fun. Then, she noticed that I lived just 45 minutes away and contacted me to see if I could come up to accept their generous donation. GENEROUS!! The kids made 180 dolls to be distributed! Amazing! I also got to receive one of the team shirts, I was pretty stoked about becoming an "honorary member."

Now, if that wasn't enough, the kids give a gift to all the members of all the other teams, their subject was "safety" so, the switched up the pattern a bit, changed the hair to a hardhat, the dress into a t-shirt and then attached a lamenated card about safety!! I really admire their creativity and their "can do" attitude!!

The Comfort Doll Project gives a giant THANKS to the hardworking kids and mentors of Team 71 Hammond!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful day,
Smiles to All,

Friday, March 9, 2012

...I don't like heart attacks!

By the title you can see that something is up in my life! Unfortunately my husband was having chest pains last Friday, had a Cardio Cath on Saturday, quickly followed by 4 stints and then complications that then led to a heart attack! Needless to say, I've been even more distracted than usual.
The positive, he was already in the hospital so it was dealt with swiftly.
He spent 5 day in the ICU,  a regular room for the past 2 (one of which, his birthday) and he will be coming home today!!!
and another YEAH!! You guys are rocking it out!!!
So far, since the beginning of the year, we have received more than 400 dolls!! I kid you not, that is an amazing total!! So, great job to everyone.
I will be getting to those patterns soon, but luckily, I understand that I cannot get to everything that needs to be done at this time..."patience (or patients) grasshopper".
I'm looking forward to spending a quiet weekend with my DH and kids.
Feeling completely blessed!
Smiles to you All,