Saturday, February 15, 2014

...put in my thumb...


I am so thrilled that this project keeps thriving in spite of me!

So many pies I have my thumbs in, but I do think I'm starting to pull out the plums!

I have been busy working on creating a workspace. I have been fortunate to purchase an incredible structure just outside of town. She is definitely a "handy-women!s special,"  but guess what? I'm a handy woman.

One of my dreams for this space is to create a work space/gathering space for creatives to hang out and share. If someone doesn't have a project to work on, there will always be Comfort Doll supplies for either creating, tagging or preparing for shipping.

I continue to want to blog, and as I create more structure in my days I believe I will. In the meantime, for a quick fix, please find us on Facebook at Comfort Doll Project, and This Round House

I truly am inspired by this structure.

I believe it is a space where dreams will come true.

Btw...I do still plan on getting the matryoshka doll pattern put together.

Once again, giant thanks to everyone who keeps this project alive.

Smiles to All,