Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pattern: Yarn Throw

Happy New Year to everyone! Completely thrilled that I am getting this post in the first month of the year! (ok barely, progress not perfection) As I stated in a previous post I am hoping to give little tutorials on different ideas and patterns on making Comfort Dolls.

 Yarn Throw Doll

1. Choose your base fabric, it can be anything, but make sure it is subtle enough to be able to turn right side out (RSO) I chose a blue batik fabric for these.
2. on the wrong side (WS) of fabric, trace the outline of the doll. This will be your stitching line. Lay this piece aside
3.On a second piece of fabric lay some different yarns, fabrics, or sew-able textures on the RS  of fabric and secure it with machine stitching.
4. Place the two pieces of fabric right sides together (RST) and machine stitch on stitch line. Remember to keep the bottom open for turning and stuffing. *NOTE: put your stitch length on a short stitch setting, this helps keep the dolls seams stronger for stuffing and turning.
5. Turn piece RSO
6. Stuff softly. I use poly-fil and dried lavender. The scent is dispersed when you hold the doll and it is wonderful!
7. Hand sew opening shut.
I attached a polymer face to my gals.
Now, your doll can be finished or you can really go to town and keep going!
Add beads, charms, sequins. Practice your embroidery stitching. What is wonderful is that all of this care and love shines through!

I hope you have fun!!
Smiles to All,