Monday, August 30, 2010

much too long...but life has been interesting!

First off, what a wonderful bunch of "bugs" I had at my doorstep the other day. Thank you
Beverly from Heartland Creations. I love these wonderful whimsical little guys. True fun and love coming through loud and clear. You can check out Miss Beverly's goings on at I'll get some photo's posted as soon as I find
my connection cable (ugh)

Next, the doll conference. WONDERFUL experience. I highly recommend everyone go to one if you ever have the opportunity. There is one coming up in Ohio at the end of May 2011. I'm going to do my best to attend that one in the future. Closer to my home, and is held once every two years, so, plenty of time to save up to attend. Now, that being said, I still haven't finished my doll that I started in class. He is wonderful though, and I plan on finishing him over Christmas break, what a wonderful New Year he will bring in. What our class did was all hand work, no molds were used. We sculpted a head, including ears, hands, and feet. Then, we made a wire armature, tip here, Wendy Reinhart, our instructor clued us in on using Bonsai wire for can bend it all you want and it won't break.
OK...after the armature, wrapping with batting, and then dressing with doll skin fabric. I've seen all of that in books, but had never done it myself. What did I say before, oh yeah...WONDERFUL experience. (I love learning new things!)
Here are some pics of my work that I did.
Thanks so much for all your work!