Friday, April 27, 2012

...a new delivery...

Good morning to all!! I just opened up a new package that arrived on my doorstep yesterday from Karyn in Colorado, what wonderful little gals. I have been meaning to write about how much I appreciate that some of you have reduced the pattern size so that the dolls are smaller. A GIANT thank-you on that account.
It's funny, when Lucy contacted me over a year ago and asked if she could make a pattern that could then be published in sewnews, I just said, "sure, that'd be great". eh' and that was that...but then she ACTUALLY came back with a pattern, and it was fantastic. It met all the specs, cute as could be and user-friendly. Wonderful! Sure!
Now, I have to admit that behind the scenes, I'm encouraged, but, once again, eh' people have asked before, and I've gotten a couple of, I naively thought, eh' It will be nice to have our project written up again and receive a few of these dolls....oooooohhhhhh, how naive I was!!!
Facts are, I have received HUNDREDS upon HUNDREDS of these wonderful dolls.
40 Comfort Dolls from Karyn of Firestone Colorado

That's is why the request for reducing the pattern size to 75% or smaller if you like. I'm able to combine the sizes in my packaging which keeps the weight of the package 13 0z or less, which greatly reduces the postage.

So, thank you, thank you all!!! for helping me remedy my postal conundrum!!
Smiles to All,

Saturday, April 14, 2012

...sharing their journey

This Sew News support has been truly amazing. The dolls just keep coming!! The outpouring of support is incredible. I'd like to share with you a letter which accompanied 60, yes 60 comfort dolls.
Dear Brenda:
I have been a subscriber to SEWNEWS for some time. Each issue brings new ideas and many useful projects. The Operation Comfort Doll project really caught my attention.
I showed this project to my good friend and we decided this would be our Lenten project this year. We worked on it from just before the beginning of Lent and finished on Holy Thursday.
Enclosed in this box, you will find sixty Comfort Dolls. Each is bagged ready to receive your tag and be delivered to someone in need of encouragement at an unsettling time in their lives.
When we stared this project, we were both recovering from foot/ankle injuries. Out of our pain, we gave "birth" to these sixty "girls".  We send our love and hope for a better life for those who receive our "girls"
Sincerely yours, Rebecca and Andrea

I can't tell you how much joy and hope it brings me hearing how these dolls have been created. I also received a donation from Tammy this week. It was only the second time she had used her sewing machine. She spent a week practicing and preparing her stitches and craftsmanship to transform her materials into 4 wonderful Comfort Dolls!!
Kudos to everyone for such wonderful inspiration and caring!
Smiles to All,