Monday, February 20, 2012

...time to down-size...

First off, let me just say that, WOW! I am completely floored by the response we have gotten from the SewNews article. We will continue to be their charity of the years, so I can only guess how many more dolls we will receive. Now, the down side of that, the pattern is just too big. I really thought that I would have plenty of individual dolls to go with the sewnews dolls. An insight to how I pack, I collect the dolls, and then when I have a variety, I package. Doing it this way creates a package full of variety. Wonderful right? sure, but...we have received such an influx from the pattern that I'm now out of the other individual dolls.
So, what to do? One solution is to print off the pattern at 75%. If you do that, the pattern is still user friendly, but, it will conserve a ton of space, which will allow more of the dolls to fit into 1 package. I am currently placing 4 of sewnews dolls in each package.
The other solution...make more patterns accessible for our artists!
In the next couple of weeks, I will be working on doing just that.
I can't believe how fortunate we are to be having this as a problem!!
Now, I'm off to the drawing board.
Smiles to All,

Sunday, February 12, 2012

...and the answers are...

I have to say that I am overwhelmed and GIDDY with the response our project has gotten thanks to Lucy and sewnews making us their charity of the year. Phenomenal!
I have been getting a few questions, and I'd like to share them.

Q. Do CD's have to be people? Can they be animals? and do they have to wear dresses?
A: CD's do not have to be people, they can be ANY form that brings you joy.(a beautifully embellished triangle is a fantastic CD) The only requirement is that we keep them 6" or smaller. We chose this for 2 reasons, 1, because it keeps them very portable for the recipient, and 2) it keeps our shipping down to a minimum.

Q: We are knitters and would like to create our own doll to send, is that alright?
A: Yes. Do not limit your creativity by thinking that only stuffed fabric dolls are acceptable. Feel free to use your imagination - heck I can't wait to see my first steampunk CD!

Q: Our guild would like to make some CD's, but we have a local shelter. Can we donate them there?
A: That is a wonderful idea to keep the connection with your local community. I would love it if you would copy the card and the inspirational quote and attach it to each doll. Then, take some photos of your dolls, the quantity and where they were donated. By doing that, I can post them on the blog and keep them included in the total number of CD's donated.

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have.
Once again, thank you for your support.
Warm Smiles,

Thursday, February 2, 2012

...and they just keep coming!

Last week was a difficult one. My ex-husband, the father of my 3 boys past away at the age of 49. It has been extremely overwhelming at times. I am blessed to have a wonderful husband who empathises with what the boys may be going through as he lost his son a few years ago. We are all now part of, what is described by Melody Beattie as "The Grief Club."  The layers of pain are complex. My boys are amazing, and I know that God is with each of them. I am truly blessed to have this life that I have...thanks folks

 On a brighter note, as life does go on, look what keeps arriving at my doorstep.

Thank you Richard M. from  New Jersey
 I enjoy laying out the dolls, I like to guess which ones were made first...they always seem to morph and take on just that much more character the more you make them...
Thank you Virginia M. from Auburn MI
 an added bow here...maybe some dreadlocks there...I LOVE that everyone adds their own little touch...or big touch, in some cases...what did I say?  I L O V E IT!!!
Peek-a-Boo box thank you to Patricia R. from Chisholm MN
 My friend and I say, "let your freak flag fly!!! The larger, the higher, the better"
What we mean by that is simple: Be proud and embrace the wonderful differences that make you, you!
Thanks to Jane E. from Montara CA
 aren't these bags too sweet!

Thanks to J. Olson of St. Paul MN!

 awwweee, is all I could say when I opened the box!

Once again, your outpouring of support, and the sharing of your creative caring is so warmly appreciated. I know that the love that was put into making these wonderful dolls is given out 10 fold to those who receive them.
Warm Smiles to All,