Sunday, July 26, 2015

...phooey on that guy!

Hello, we do still exist!
Huge apology for not keeping up wth my blog, at all. Life and other social medias have taken over!

You can find us on FB where we try to post a quote, or something relevant daily, here too I slip, but am much more on my game.

As always, we encourage this project to go local. Grab a group of friends and spend the afternoon creating precious dolls to donate to your local shelter.  There are easy to follow patterns on this site , as well as Pintrest, ya gotta love Pintrest.  And don't worry if they aren't  "perfect". It is easy for that wee small voice in your head to say, oh, that my effort won't make a  difference, or  it may discourage you and say, "you call that a doll" ? We call that voice the resistance, and that little bugger wants us to fail. Phooey on that guy! We are here to help and create!

So, create, care, and donate.

Big Love,

P.s. Thanks Susan P.  for the assist!!

P.s.s. If you'd rather mail them to 303 McKinley St. Valparaiso,  In 46383 that's fine too!