Comfort Doll Specs

What makes a Comfort Doll, a Comfort Doll? Simple. She/he is handmade, and 6" or less. (3 inches is ideal) We want these dolls to be something that the women can carry with them comfortably if they choose to. The true goal is to share with another woman, and to let her feel and know that she is not alone. Any media is welcome. Any mixture of mediums is exciting.

Each Comfort Doll has a card attached. This is what the card reads:
 I am a Comfort Doll. I was made especially for you by a woman's heart and hands who cares. When you need strength or just a smile, hold me and feel the love I send. Like me, you are unique, worthy, beautiful, and deserve all good things in life. You have the strength within yourself to be extraordinary.Find the strength and shine!
Comfort Dolls...Creating with our hands, Giving with our hearts.

Let your imagination soar. Try something new. If you're not completely thrilled with what you created (we are our worse critics) Don't stop. Just finish it and make the adjustments on your next Comfort Doll. I guarantee you that whoever receives your Comfort Doll will see all of it's beauty.

Here is a link to Pat's original site with past photos of Comfort Dolls of the past:

Other jumpstart ideas can be found at:
Linda's Spirit Doll:

Feel free to "hold" onto your dolls until it makes financial sense to send because of the postage. Please send them to:
Comfort Doll Project
Brenda Hutchings
303 McKinley St.
Valparaiso, IN 46383

Remember, the only "right" way to make a Comfort Doll is with LOVE.
Smiles and Hugs,

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