Monday, February 28, 2011 news!

Today I opened my email to find a letter from Lucy, she has made a dozen dolls to send in to the project. BUT, she didn't stop there. She looked around for a magazine to be an outlet for them. She found one! This is what she wrote:
"Sew News has decided to make them their 2012 charity initiative! What this means is during the entire 2012 year Sew News will have a spot about your charity as well as the template for my dolls in EVERY issue of the year as well as a constant initiative on their blog, facebook, and twitter sites. "
Of course, I've accepted this generous offer, I can only hope that we will be flooded with Comfort Dolls!!! This is a picture of the dolls that she has made and is making the template for...
One thing that I do think is extremely important with this acceptance is that we make sure that everyone realizes that there is no one "correct" Comfort Doll. These gals were made from Lucy's heart and she is willing to share with us to help others that may be blocked for ideas. Remember that wherever your heart takes you, it is yours to follow.
I am so excited to have this great outlet for our Project. Thanks to everyone.
Smiles to All, Brenda

Monday, February 7, 2011

...these boots were made for walking

A few more guests stopped by on Saturday. These gals came all the way from Wyoming. Thank you so much Charleen for your wonderful contribution! What I really love (besides the imagination, creativity and impeccable craftsmanship) about some of these gals is that they have boots on. All I can think of the lyrics " these boots are made for walking", and the wonderful courage that these women have.

Saturday, February 5, 2011 basket runneth over

Well, the ladies, and a few bugs, thanks Beveryly Torres of the Kindred Sisters Gathering Post, had a very busy day. First, the meet and greet. Everyone came out of their bags and packages and mixed together getting better aquianted. (Chrisine Amaryllis, your dolls are incredibly cordial, so they did all the hostess work). Next, they paired off with their traveling partners. The photos will show who hooked up with who and their destination:

#79 Family Crisis Center Terre Haute, IN

#80 North Central Indiana Rural Crisis Center in Rensselear, IN

#81 The Stepping Stone Shelter Michigan City, IN

#82 The Caring Place in Valparaiso, IN

 <>  #83 Haven of Rest Ministries in Akron, OH <>
#84 Family Service of Central Indiana in Lebanon, IN
After all their running about and pairing up, and then getting all their Comfort Doll tags, into the envelopes they went, all settled in for their flight, even if one flight was in their current city. For good luck, Ollie gave them all one last hug.
Smiles to All,