Thursday, December 29, 2011

... welcome to my new visitors!!

I hope everyone is finding their holidays pleasant. They can be a bit of a burden sometimes which...isn't that just the most ridiculous thing?? Ohhh the irony! I received a wonderful greeting earlier this month from some lovely new dolls. A giant thank you goes out to Nancy in Florida!!! She sent in the most beautifully done dolls. You are saying..."Brenda, that's FANTASTIC, let's see"...I know, I wish i could share, BUT, I can't find my cord again for the camera. (alas, a common foible of mine) As soon as I find it, or, break down and purchase a new one, I will upload the pics that I have taken to share.
In the meantime, Happy upcoming year. I wish everyone the best that life has to bring....don't forget that can sometimes be wrapped in's worth the unwrapping!!
Smiles to All,