Friday, March 9, 2012

...I don't like heart attacks!

By the title you can see that something is up in my life! Unfortunately my husband was having chest pains last Friday, had a Cardio Cath on Saturday, quickly followed by 4 stints and then complications that then led to a heart attack! Needless to say, I've been even more distracted than usual.
The positive, he was already in the hospital so it was dealt with swiftly.
He spent 5 day in the ICU,  a regular room for the past 2 (one of which, his birthday) and he will be coming home today!!!
and another YEAH!! You guys are rocking it out!!!
So far, since the beginning of the year, we have received more than 400 dolls!! I kid you not, that is an amazing total!! So, great job to everyone.
I will be getting to those patterns soon, but luckily, I understand that I cannot get to everything that needs to be done at this time..."patience (or patients) grasshopper".
I'm looking forward to spending a quiet weekend with my DH and kids.
Feeling completely blessed!
Smiles to you All,


  1. You've been on a wild ride and I hope your world settles down soon! Remember to take care of YOU,too. Glad your DH is going to be feeling much better soon. Hugs!

  2. Sorry to hear you and hubby have been through so much. Hope he gets to feeling better real soon.

  3. Sorry to hear of your DH heart attack but Thank God He was at the hospital when it happened. SOmeone was watching over him.
    Yes, stay home with him and have a quiet wonderful day together with your family.
    Big hugs