Tuesday, November 6, 2012

...comfort doll tree...

So,just got back from the post office. Earlier today, I spoke with Peggy from SAFE Haven in CT. We had sent her dolls earlier this year. They loved them, their clients loved them. This year they are participating in a United Way Christmas tree decoration display. This is to highlight their shelter to their community.  Her idea was to decorate the tree with Comfort Dolls. Can you imagine?!? I can just envision this tree full of these wonderful dolls in their variety of dresses, hair and skin color. Of course, she is going to plug our project to get the word out about us also.

I just thought it is a wonderful idea and wanted to share it with everyone.

Actually, this weekend I have a craft show for my work, and I am going to run with her idea and decorate a small tree with the dolls to generate awareness and hopefully some bucks for postage.

I can't tell you all enough how wonderful this project is for me. I swear, I think I'm the one who is getting the most comfort!

Smiles to all

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  1. I was the lucky person who won the SafeHaven tree. I was so touched by the project and I am excited to spend my new year sending dolls to people who need a little extra love. The tree is amazingly beautiful when I pick it up I will send pics.