Monday, October 29, 2012

...wonderful Sunday

What a wonderful Sunday.
My step-daughter and her two girls came over to visit their great grandmother and to help us with the Comfort Dolls. There we were, 4 generations, working together to package these precious dolls to send out. The line started with Makaila, 4th grade. Her assignment was to take the dolls out and see if they had a mouth. The dolls made from the sewnews pattern, that are obviously charactered after a human, unfortunately did not include a mouth, a complete oversight on my part when reviewing the wonderful pattern designed by Lucy Blaire. The dolls without mouths, Makaila carefully followed the two dot/ 1 dot tutorial and then passed it over to her Grandpa, my DH. My DH then proceeded with the rest of the drawing process and put the squiggle line and outline. Into the "ready for tags" pile they went.
Next, Miss Lilly, 3, handed her Mom a tag and a doll for her to pin to complete the assembly.
Throughout all of this,  I was printing out the letters to recipients and cutting the brown paper bags for packaging, all the while listening to the ooows and ahhhs and "OMG she is SOOO Cute!" exclaimed from the girls. Smiles, laughter, and sharing.
Miss Lilly and My Makaila have been through more than children should. Their mother, more than a woman should.
What a wonderfully cleansing inhale and exhale this day was.
Warm Smiles to All,

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