Tuesday, January 3, 2012

...sew news.com...featuring our project with their doll template..

I am always amazed at how much we all can achieve. It seems like  I don't really do that much, I know this, because i know I could do more. But, I'm going to put that aside. What each and every one of does, helps! That is the bottom line.  In one of the recent posts, pchickki used the word "ashamed"...that kinda hit me. Why?!? Because I feel the same way. I feel that I should be doing more, I can be doing more, why am I not doing more?...those damn "shoulds" they are bothersome as they don't account for the actual "what's" that we ARE doing...my goal...put shame aside, it's completely unproductive and an undermining little (cover your ears) prick (there, yes,  I said it) That is how strongly I feel about shame, it's cunning and conniving...best just to steer clear.

So, here we are in a new year and SewNews.com has added us as their project. Lucy Blaire has created her own pattern to share with her readers in hopes to encourage more dolls to be donated. She has developed a wonderful, simple pattern to follow. Every month she will be highlighting our project this year in hopes to raise more awareness. GIANT THANK YOUS! to Lucy and SewNews.com
I wish everyone a wonderful new year.
With warm Smiles to All,

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