Wednesday, January 11, 2012

...I think it may get CRAZY around here

...ok first things first.

Nancy C. last month sent in some fantastic dolls, which she was given the old "type" kudo's, but nothing does justice to any ones work like a photo...and since I found my cable, I'm now once again able to provide the visual!!
I love all the different faces, fabrics, and embellishments. Thanks Nancy!

hhhmmmm...goody box

Next, I'm extremely proud to announce our first delivery of Comfort Dolls from the article. Ms. Lotus Moon's, from Boulder CO, package awaited me as I got in from a dental appointment. (I smiled but couldn't really feel it because I had a front cavity filled and I was numb) (47 and STILL cavities...arghhh) ok got off track...but Ms. Moon did not!! 12 wonderful new dolls! In case you missed my last post, has made our Comfort Doll Project their charity of 2012.
they look just like in the article!!
Now, with that being said...I think it is time to make a goal. My hope for 2012 is that we are able to send out 12,000 Comfort Dolls this year. Unfortunately, that number doesn't even come close to the number needed for the courageous women who are taking the first steps to a better life. The care every one of us takes in making our dolls to send forward to their new homes sooo reads through when you look at them. So, when you read my goal, remember that by taking the loving care and time with how ever many you chose to make, let that care shine through. We'll hit our number, just through pure care and love. One doll at a time.
Smiles to All,


  1. 12,000? Do you mean 1,200? That is quite a goal. Good luck all the way!

  2. This is awesome news! I sent out some dolls today they should be there by Sat.
    Thanks for doing this project.