Saturday, January 14, 2012

...look who came knocking...

I love it when I read the return address and it says "B. Torres"...why?  because I KNOW there are going to be some fantastic little creatures inside the box. (one might say...hmmm. that might be setting yourself up for a bit of a let down there Brenda..) Oh no, I opened that box up and sure enough, the happiest little creatures shined up right at me! Beverly, the creator of these little gems, is of Heartland Creations. Thanks Beverly!!

Also, dozen numero dos has arrived from the Comfort Doll pattern I loved these little gals! Not only did Beverly H. (really, what are the odds that packages from 2 Beverly's would arrive on the same day?) give each one of these beauties their own little bag, she gave them all signature hair styles!!! LOVE IT! That is what makes this so much fun. NEVER think that there is just one way to do this project. This is just as much for allowing your creative spirit out as is helping out a worthy cause. The wonderful thing is this: by allowing yourself to have fun, to show your creativity, by taking that little risk... all of that comes through in your doll. By taking that care it is  then  passed right on to the woman receiving it!
Smiles to All,

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