Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Some of your work!!!

Like I said previously...hoarder. What this last bit has taught me is that I'm going to be changing how I post your work. I feel like I'm somewhat short changing you as I end up mixing your work and loosing track of who makes what and where it goes....
That being said, I will be posting pics with artists names when you dolls make it to my doorstep, and then, take a photo of the dozen that I send out as a group. This picture will not include your name, you know which ones you made, but it will include WHERE the dolls will be going. I think this set-up will insure that everyone gets credit (I know that is not why you are doing this...but I'm a lover of "gold stars") AND alleviates some of the stress of keeping everything straight for me.
Thanks for your continued support.
Smiles to All,


  1. Brenda, it gets confusing doesn't it? When a shipment came in I placed it in a secluded area in its envelope or box it arrived in. When I had time I photographed each donation and printed a photo with the donors name and address and date arrived for my binder. When I was really busy I had so many boxes and envelopes waiting and it got a little crazy but leaving them in their box helped so much. You are doing great. I'm thrilled that you have kept this project going. Hugs,Pat

  2. Pat, thanks so much for the tips!! I really like the idea of printing out for my notebook. I'm really glad the project was here for me to help. Funny how all this great wonderful world works! Enjoy your day. Smiles, Brenda