Sunday, April 11, 2010

Phew...I'm back

OK, that last post was a bit "In your face". My husband asked what I was thinking, and didn't I think that was a bit too heavy? Well, maybe, but I had been wondering to myself, "what really am I trying to do here"....and, "Is it time well spent." The answer to the first is: help others, so the answer to the second question would be: most definetly YES!

A friend turned me onto this wonderful blogspot : This is Leah Day's blog and she is just amazing. I started my inquiry because I want to interpret my son's photos into quilted totes. Then, I got to thinking...why not do some free motion Comfort Dolls? I don't know...but, I won't know unless I try, so that is my next challenge doll for myself. I will post what I come up with.

Once again, thanks to everyone who is visiting this site, your comments, your dolls, and your support is turning this "baton hand-off" from Pat into my own . So, thank you very much.

Smiles and Hugs to All,


  1. I thought yesterday was a thought provoking post. I never knew the statistics. Unless you have some connection to abuse personally or to someone you love, you have no idea...NO IDEA.. now devastating those statistics are. Luckily we were able to rescue ours from the situation. She was pregnant and sleeping with a butcher knife under her mattress. And we had no idea until she called us one night.......

  2. Hi Brenda, so glad you have taken this on as I feel it is such a worthwhile project. I am working on another dozen dolls and will send to you, or I can send them to a shelter, if you will give me an address etc. This is a small project that one can make as simple or as intricate as you choose. It's amazing what we create! Good Luck!
    Smiles and Blessings,
    Nancy C

  3. Brenda...could you please send me an address, yours, I guess, so when my dozen are finished I can send them on to you? Probably next week as I am going out of town over the week end.
    Thanks. Am so glad you are continuing this project as I think it is so worthwhile for these women.
    Smiles and Blessings,

  4. Nancy - I'm so sorry, I dropped the ball on getting back to you. You can send them to me at: 303 McKinley St. Valparaiso, IN 46383

    Looking forward to the little beauties. : )
    Smiels, Brenda