Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Comfort Doll..still in progress

My DF Susan turned me onto freemotion quilting. She has a fantastic jumbotron mega monster...but that's her gig, so that makes little machine with my cool new table I made last week, and all the great products I bought for myself (sorry family, beanies and weanies for dinner this week)

This is the wonderful result for the project though, Base Quickies!!!
So... what I have done here is this: take a top piece,quilt batting and muslin back and outline freemotion syle the body. Continue and define the head and legs. I then defined the arms.

OK... then I tore a "dresslike" piece of contrasting fabric and stitched it on. (I'm not real thrilled with that, but oh, well...there will be more dolls!)

Next I cut around the figure, probably about a 1/4" or so away and placed that on the back material, switched out my thread on the machine and stitched away again. I left an opening on the bottom to insert lavender and polyfil. I've found if I just grap some lavender with my hemostats and stuff just like I would with polyfil, it is much faster. (I was using a "funnel" system which was just really slow). Then, just put her back under the machine and stitch her closed. She is either ready to send out like this, or you can spend some more time on her with embellishments.

I'm going to have to bead her somewhere...I just love the way it feels.

What is wonderful about this doll, is that she is really portable for the recipient, as well as quick for me to make, and as I said, I can now spend as little or as much time with the embellishments.
I hope this has given you ideas!!
Smiles to All,

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  1. This is a wonderful comfort doll. Happy creating...