Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday and it's Sunny in my neck of the woods

Hi all,
I have just been busy. (Not really with the comfort dolls, just with my life)I am busy finishing up the last batch of dolls I started working on. I decided not to start the art doll project until I cleaned up this last work (a foreign concept for me, actually finishing a project before starting a new)

I have not sent out our first batch, as I really want to send out a variety of dolls when I send out. I will say, Ann, my gosh! She has sent in, let me count.....over 45 dolls, they are wonderful...I'm waiting simply for variation. I hope you understand....Come on folks... Ann is kicking our bootees.

Smiles to all
I think I will make Thursday's my "Definetly joining to Post" Day


  1. I am trying to finish a few to send in. Wow Ann great job. From famine to feast?

  2. I'll try a new pattern for variety. I feel so strongly about this project, and love being a part of it.
    I guess I feel blessed that I have a good life and hope that the dolls help others have hope that their lives can be better.

  3. That is so great Ann. Thanks so much. I hope you understand about the variety factor. Smiles, B.