Thursday, March 11, 2010

I slept with my window open (just a smidge, but open)

Happy Thursday.

First off thanks to Saucy Chick for the great comfort dolls! It looks like I have enough to send out. YEA!!!

Yesterday I saw my first Robin of the season, I actually saw 3 of them. For those of you who don't live in the Midwest, that is our signal that Spring really is on the way. Nothing like the uplifting feeling the sight and the song of the Robin.

I was thinking about the Project last night, I had a wonderful evening with a dear friend. Somehow we got on the subject of being emotionally sensitive. I'm not talking about the crazies, I'm talking about that some people are more in tune with emotions and feelings that others are. It then led me to the phrase that (and I'm loosely quoting) "We are not human beings pursueing a spiritual life, we are spiritual beings pursuing a human life" It makes me wonder. If I look at it like that, then how wonderful this opportunity to be human can be, and should be, and it's my responsibility to be my best. No one else's best, just my best. Just thoughts that I have had in the past couple of days.'s so fun to come out of hibernation. I've included a pic of the glob of things I've been working on...I don't seem to be able to work on just one thing at a time...the creative it!


  1. I have been flitting from one project to another's Spring fever I think. I have 6 dolls for you. Do you want them mailed or dropped on your doorstep?

  2. I am very happy my little comfort dolls made it to you safely. They will be extra happy when they get to their destination homes. Thank you for spearheading this project.

  3. You have robins we have hummingbirds...saw my first one yesterday and it was a beauty all red...sure glad the winter time is over. I'm working on sending you a few comfort dolls too!