Friday, February 12, 2010

And then there were 30!

How amazing that 30 people have already found their way to the new site. WONDERFUL!! I added my address to the Specs page above so that it is always easily found. I was asked to make instruction for Abagail. This is my first try at directions so...good luck, and I'm sure I'll be modifying it for clarity. Let me know how it is working. Thanks so much. (I'm confused on how to make this into an 81/2x11 download, but that's suppose to be the size if you are wondering the scale.)

Smiles to All,



  1. Brenda Thanks for the pattern...if you could turn this so it is positioned up and down (even though it will be on it's side) then anyone can print it on regular paper. I don't have the choice of printing landscape/portrait. My printer is printing this in portrait, so, the right side is cut off!

  2. Well Brenda, I am shamelessly blushing. I did figure out how to download this and re-orient it in Picasa (free Google photo editing software) and have printed it out. Now I'll have to make you a few. Hugs

  3. Dotti, no shame involved, you are not the only one having difficulty with this. Great suggestion just for me to turn her on her side. Smiles, Brenda

  4. Thanks so much Brenda. I fell in love with that doll and wasn't going to ask you to share the pattern. How generous and thoughtful. I need one of these for me too,LOL. She is adorable.