Thursday, September 27, 2012

...heading for a growth spurt

OK..first off, I cannot thank everyone enough for the overwhelming participation we have gotten from the SewNews pattern and articles. When I say overwhelming, I mean hundreds upon hundreds of dolls have been received. Now, while I say that... nope, I don't have an exact total, but... I can assure you that I have logged every beautiful doll and it's maker that has graced my threshold.

As many of you may or may not know, my childrens father passed away this January, followed by my Husband having a heart-attach and 6 stints put in, my middle child headed off for his first year of college, followed by my step-mother moving in with us in August!! Yes! A very busy year!!
I am posting this as I want to let everyone know that although you have not heard much from me, I am still here, and working at processing all of your wonderful donations. I have been lucky enough to start working with someone who is helping me implement some serious (or not so SERIOUS) structure into the project, and am looking forward to it's next growth spurt. (I was nowhere ready for the growth spurt which accompanied the SewNews charity of the year.) ((Grateful YES, prepared ...umm, no)

So, let me run down just a few of the wonderful donors this year:

Virginia Markel-MI
Janet Elling -CA
J. Olson of St. Paul
Patricia Renfors-MN
Sarah Johnson-OH
Lois Tucker - IN
Shirley Borgia
Kathleen Morris - MT
Chickie Hiyoshida - WA
Susan Foy - NJ
Betty Morici - NY
Jackie Samek - PA
Elsy Alvarado - NJ
Calvary Baptist Church (CLIMB) -IN
Ladywood High School - MI
Margaret Leary - CA
Catherine Sprague- OR
Dee Dee Remington-OR
Peggi Lemire-OR
Janet Beutel-OH
DeRie Johnson - AR

...alright, that's a start...and yes, that is just a start.
The outpouring of support you have given this project is more than appreciated; it is support full of hope, caring, and love.

From the the bottom and top of my heart,
smiles to all!


  1. Congratulations on your growth Brenda
    It gives me much pleasure to see that this cause is growing.
    I am so sorry I have not been able to get to making some dolls as I really want to stay active in this group. I will try harder this next few months.
    again congratulations and I am so happy to hear that you have help. I imagine it can be overwhelming especially with your personal life to live also.
    Best of luck, keep up the wonderful work and God Bless You

    1. Thanks so much Patti. It really is exciting. No apologies needed, I certainly understand how life seems to get in the way. Thank you for your support.
      Smiles to you,