Wednesday, September 28, 2011

...the Australian Connection...

I received a letter today from Elizabeth in Australia.  Stop..backup... On Sunday we, Elizabeth and  I were contacted via e-mail by Jeannie Ward who works for a women's shelter in Sydney, she really loved our project and what we are accomplishing. On Oct. 9th, they are having a  "Community Cares Day" to help raise awareness of domestic/family violence and related issues. She invited us to be involved in some way. forward to today...
Elizabeth, our Australian CDP sponsor received her first doll donation in the mail! She is hoping that Jeannie will be able to display these with flyers for the  "Community Cares Day".  The timing could not have been any better.
It never ceases to amaze me how the powers that be deliver.
Now here is the photo Elizabeth included
These wonderful dolls are from a  well known Australian doll designer,  Delys Brady, who has donated part of her collection.  A lovely lady and a lovely gesture!
 Once again, thank you one and all for your participation and support for our project. It is because of every individual that our group is  such a success.
Smiles to All,


  1. I live in Newcastle NSW just north of Sydney - I would like to organise friends in my doll making group to donate some comfort dolls too - could you please put me in touch with your Elizabeth, your Sydney contact.

  2. Wilma that is GREAT! here's the info:

    Comfort Doll Project
    c/o Elizabeth Beglin
    - 24 Bland Road, York, Western Australia, Postcode 6302

    1. hi there i have just found a magazine with the comfort doll project and was wondering if i could take part i have about 20 dotee dolls made just to fill in my time looking to do something with them they have little hangers and tails but only 6 in i could take the tail hanger off i have a couple on my blog http;pinkgirlbetty.blogspot.commy email is ewatson7@bigpond.comthank you Elizabeth Watson

  3. Thanks Brenda
    I'll get working on this - would love to contribute.

  4. Awesome! Now that summer is over maybe I can get some dolls made for you :)