Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Thursday

What a wonderfu week this has been. I had on CDP artist complete two more dolls, she wrote me saying that the experience is being very cathartic for her. She would be sitting at her machine, pleased with her doll, and then in the next moment, crying, because of the simple "need" for that doll. It can be sad, if we choose to take that look at it. It can also be extremely powerful. The more women are able to find the courage to walk away from their abusive situation, the more inspiration it gives to others.
I also recieved a package from another doll artist, 12 wonderful little dolls. Enclosed was a beautiful Arizona landscape card with thankful words for me.
This project is giving me so much. So much, what? Well, I think words of encouragement. I didn't realize how much encouragement can help. (I didn't think I needed any, and maybe I didn't need them) Just a pleasure to receive, kind of like that front parking spot when you really don't feel like walking, an unexpected gift.
Smiles to everyone,

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  1. Two dolls coming your way from me Brenda.
    Sorry it has been so long between contributions.
    You are doing a great job!