Tuesday, November 26, 2013

...oh the holidays...

ok, I bought a kindle fire so that it would make it easier to post on my blog. I generally have my bursts in the am, while in bed, java on one side, pug, black and tan, and husband on the other. Well, I have been completely discouraged as I can't post from the fire.

Now I recently read that there is some way to post through an e-mail onto blogger, still haven't figured that one out yet either, but there is hope on the horizon!! (but isn't there always)

Are these all excuses for not getting my rear in gear and getting on here. Umm, yes. I'm running with it!

I just want to shout out to everyone who continues to send dolls. I am working right now locally. I have many friend and friends of friends who are headed out of town, headed out of state who have offered to hand deliver bags of these lovelies across the US.

Also, a big HIP-HIP-HOORAY  to paintingforjoy 
 Click on her link to see the dolls she made and donated to her local Union Gospel Mission!! Wonderful!

Joy, Kindness, and most of all Smiles to All,

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  1. just figured it out...once again, my life has changed FOREVER!!