Monday, February 18, 2013

...zendoodle doll

Hi Everyone!!
A few weeks ago, I was lying in bed spending quality time scrolling through KNOW that is quality time!!!
I came across a friend zendoodle/zentange. She had pinned fan blades she had made. (This woman is an overachiever extraordinaire) I checked out a couple of sites and thought, hmm that's pretty neat, but it looks so complicated and difficult.
Oh, how looks can be deceiving!

I tried it on my planning calendar...ok that is just funny to even type that...I make great efforts at times to be a "planner" and well, I guess it's time just hasn't come yet...anyway, that is a whole other issue...focus...
After an evening of watching tv and doodling, I got thinking what I tried it on some porcelain faces...

then wait, I've got a box of doll blanks that I haven't used yet.
Doll blanks drying after being painted with gesso or white paint.
After you prime your blanks they will be rough. Lightly sand them with fine grit paper

 Yep, sometimes if you hold onto it long enough, you will actually use it. Of course, Peter Walsh would have a FIT!

And here we have it:
ZenDoodle Comfort Dolls!!

Don't panic. check out these wonderful sites for instructions and inspiration! 
This site is amazing!! full of step by step instructions!!
Zentagle:Basic Tangles
Zentagle Instrucions- a gallery on Flickr

Zentangle/zendoodle is a wonderful meditative practice. Plus, it's portable creativity!!
You can download the instructions and pattern here.
I am going to put a coat of clear coat on these as they do get pretty dirty from handling.
Hope you have fun - please share your creations with us on Facebook!
Smiles to All,
** Q and A** 2/23/2013
Do you have to gesso/paint to seal?
The reason for sealing the fabric is to give a nice smooth surface on which to work.  Try it either way, see which you prefer.

What did you use to seal your dolls?
I had a bottle of Mod Podge Matte sealer, so that is what I used. I am pretty happy with the results. I always find it weird that I am sanding brain just gets stuck thinking wood...but giving your piece just a nice light sanding between coats makes all the difference in the world!

Another thing I have thought of was using watercolor pencils to color in your designs if you choose. I took a wonderful class with Natalie Hamade in 2011 and she uses this technique...WONDERFUL!! Just wet your paintbrush and swipe it on the tip of the watercolor pencil...really, so much fun.

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  1. Thanks Faye - Give it a try!! I started coloring one in afterwards..oh the possibilities! Have Fun!!

  2. Oh these are neat! Did you make your own doll blanks? And if so, are they out of muslin?

    1. Hi Jill-thanks. Yes I made the doll blanks. I did use muslin-but thats because Ibhad it in my stash. If you click on "pattern" here, the link will take you to a printable pattern.
      Have fun!
      Smiles to you!

  3. What a fun idea I shall have a go.

  4. so wonderful to hear from you again! can be a bit addicting!!