Friday, December 21, 2012

...thank yous

We received your Comfort Dolls yesterday, and are thankful for your gift! All of us at the Center want to express our extreme thanks for your thoughtfulness in sending these Comfort Dolls! We have distributed them to our Safe Shelter, our Counselors, and our Child Advocacy Center for children who come to us for our help. Adult victims of domestic violence are welcomed into our safe Shelter, and many arrive with small children in tow. These dolls, and the messages pinned to them, help both the children and the parents in believing that they are important individuals and there is hope for the future for them. Our Counseling Staff see many children, and they, too, are given worth and hope by the dolls and the messages they receive, and have a tangible talisman to hold on to as they face their outside world on a daily basis. And perhaps the most important of all, the children who are brought to our Child Advocacy Center have suffered abuse of all kinds, and these dolls can become a calming anchor to focus on as they go through the difficult process of exams and interviews. The touch of love, value, and hope means more to them than words can tell.

We thank you and the many artists who are involved in your project, and please do keep us on your mailing list for more dolls as they are available!

The North Idaho Violence Prevention Center
Coeur d'Alene, Id
This is a wonderful facebook post from the NIVPC.
How fantastic that each of us is making such a difference!
Smiles to All,

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