Sunday, July 8, 2012

...WE ARE OVER 100!...

...WE ARE OVER 100!... Look yous guys, we did it, we are over 100 strong, 102 to be exact! A giant thanks to everyone for your support and good wishes.

I am always in awe of not only the time that you put into making your dolls, but then taking the time to sit down and jot a little note. It is such an honor to be able to receive and read your wonderful stories. I just got a note from 2 sisters who get together on Tuesdays to sew. They have read sewnews for years and saw the project. How wonderful that they were able to have this to share with each other, and then to us.
Little Gals waiting to get a new home
Now, I'd like to take a moment and share with you what a discovered, well, to be honest, after the first few batches of dolls. This wonderful pattern is missing an important element. A mouth. These dolls are headed to people who have been abused for using their voice, or who have never been able to appreciate their own voice, and the dolls need to reflect the importance of being able to speak. So, my volunteers and I have been adding mouths to these beauties. (I know, why didn't I say anything earlier??? I too have my own "speaking" issues in play.)

  Before anyone has a chance to say, "..but I can't make a mouth", let me assure you that YES YOU CAN! This is all we do.
one dot left
   All we have done is made 3 red dots, two on the top, one centered underneath and then drawn with a micron pen (or any other non-bleeding marker) a line through the center and then outlined the upper two dots, and the lower dot....and viola! A mouth in which to speak, to laugh, to cry, to sing!!
now one dot right
now the 3rd dot under those
squiggle line between
outline top and bottom 


Please, do not let the mouth stop you from making these gals. If you just don't feel comfortable doing it, please send them without and I will continue giving them their voice.

Another GIANT thanks to all!!

Smiles to All,

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