Wednesday, June 22, 2011

...just GIDDY...we've been Published!

Yes! It's true! Creating Country Threads has a beautiful 3 page spread on our project. I'm not able to upload the article yet, as I'm posting from the library, but I should be able to upload pics of the article by the end of this weekend. Nicole contacted me last year about doing an article in the publication and we sat and asked and answered questions and really, I forgot about it. Well...thanks to newcomer, Fahy Rolfe, I realized that, WOW there is an article out there about us. Indeed, the next day in the mail I received my copy of the magazine. BEAUTIFUL!! The artwork is wonderful, the article, very true and well represented. Just a fantastic tribute to all of us! (I can't seem to get away from the exclamation points!!) This is just kind of like teasing you on Christmas Eve with just one small present without being able to open all the big Kahunas until later...sorry.

Now if that isn't just about enough wonderful news for one day...there is MORE...
Please help me welcome Elizabeth Beglin, she is going to be our Australian Comfort Doll Project Contact! I know, it is so cool! Elizabeth contacted me wanting to know if there were any specific Women's Shelters that I send to in Australia, as the postage to the States can be outrageous. No, there wasn't BUT...I threw it out to her that it would be wonderful if we had an Australian contact. She graciously accepted! So, now, we are on 2 they come more exclamation marks...!!!!!
I will get a standing page with Elizabeth's information on it soon, but in the meantime, Australia, here is her information:
Comfort Doll Project
c/o Elizabeth Beglin
 - 24 Bland Road, York, Western Australia, Postcode 6302
The email is -
Aren't Wednesday's GRAND : )

Giant Smiles to All, 
PS: Pat thank you for what you started, it is such a privilege to keep it going


  1. Brenda, I want to do an article for the Crazy Quilt Gatherings Magazine Dec issue if you could email me. I can't seem to contact you???? Thanks
    Pat...and you are very welcome and I am so thrilled and delighted to see it continue.

  2. wow, so amazing!!! Great job!!

  3. Thanks for posting this up Brenda and BIG thanks to Elizabeth for getting on board. I too was wondering if there were any Australian shelters that received these dolls - being from Oz and all. Now to make the time to start making some dolls!!!

  4. Brenda, I found the magazine article, hence this comment. Briefly, I live on the East Coast, in Lake Macquarie, New South Wales. Any contact here? I would love to do Comfort Dolls. Amazing lady that you are, congratulations over and over. I will post an email to Elizabeth in WA.