Wednesday, March 9, 2011's almost like I won the lottery!

Today I was lucky enough to meet with a retired teacher and dollmaker. He suffers from a little dementia, and a little hard of hearing...ok..back story. A fellow OTS asked if I would be interested in doing some elder care for her father. Now, I'm not a nurse, or particularly like older people (not that I dislike them)...just not into elder care or any care...taking care of myself is more than a full time job in and of itself. So, after serious thought, I declined. Well, come to find out...HE MAKES DOLLS!!! I kind of put this back in my mind under the category..."hmmmm?" Fast forward to these BJD that I'm trying to figure out, banging my head against any soft surface (I'm not into self harm) and sure enough, out flies the filed elder care out of the "hmmmm" file. So, today we met. What great FUN!!! So many smiles, so much laughter, it was like coming home. I just loved it, and they seemed to enjoy having my sponge brain at the willing. One of the many things that struck me as "ahhh, the mother-ship" was that we were discussing something around the kitchen table, various items surrounded us: a peanut butter jar, a towel with my body pieces strewn, a pile of doll joints, a stack of papers, and when Carol needed a fine pointing object she reached into the coffee mug that held various items and pulled out a capped scalpel....AHHHHH!
Needless to say, I'm looking forward to spending time with my new friends and giving the daughter a break. I've indeed won the lottery!
Smiles to All,


  1. So glad you found new friends that can also help you learn so much more about doll making :D Here is some more goodness. You have won the Stylish Blogger Award!!! You can check it out here

  2. I just came over from L.A.C.E.'s blog. Beautiful blog you have here! I am a new follower and I'd love it if you came over and followed me too. :)

  3. Hi there
    I just came here from Patti's blog. How interesting. This will be a new venture for you which sounds like is doing to benefit you and your new friends. That is very special. You will be spending time helping and learning in the process. Nice.
    I hope you have a wonderful day
    come by and visist sometime

  4. I recently became aware of your comfort doll project. What a heartfelt, worthwhile project!
    Thank you for taking on this project and I look forward to being involved.