Sunday, September 12, 2010

...Spreading the word during the Popcorn Festival

Well, another Popcorn Festival down. What's that you ask... well Orville Redenbacher was from Valparaiso Indiana, every once in awhile you will see an old commercial with him saying year, the Popcorn Festival. Arts and Crafts, food, bands and bees. This year was the first year I have had any flavored popcorn...Watermelon! DELICIOUS!!! I know, you think...watermelon? NO WAY. But think about the crunchy of how carmel corn is, but substitute a fantastic watermelon flavored crunch instead...I wish I had more!

Anyway, I had a group of dolls that I make and donate to the project along with extra cards, and a poster explaining the project. I was very excited to spread the word about the wonderful people who have found and followed this project.

A giant shout out to Chris Larr who has donated another wonderful doll as well as some packaging envelopes. Another fantastic new donation from Patti Kooshed from the "Treasure Barn". You can view her work at and . And finally, a huge thanks to Carlia Norton for her wonderful Sprial Kins! You can view her goings on at

Now, if anyone knows where the safe place I put my computer cable for my camera, please let me know!
(I'm sure that once all the frenzy from the fest is cleared up I will be able to find it)
Smiles to all,

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  1. I met a lady on Creative Souls, a network I am a member of, from Africa that wants to know all about the Comfort Doll Project.
    She was an abused women and has written a book "Look Me In The Eye". She also has a website , I told her about the Comfort Doll Project and she wants to start something like this in Africa. Her name is Caryl Wyatt. I have given her the blog address and told her a little about what you do.