Wednesday, August 8, 2012

...girl, who does your hair!!

I opened up this box yesterday, and WOW!! I love the way Marian of Utah did these gals hair.
She varied the styles. Sometimes using chain stitch, straight stitch and stem stitch. What a wonderful way to add your own personal spin on these Comfort Dolls.
Thanks so much!!
Smiles to All,

...a wonderful thank-you

Just wanted to share this wonderful letter with everyone.
CDP Ladies ROCK!!
Smiles to All,

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

...look who went to the Ohio State Fair!

Look at this wonderful Project!

Dear Brenda, 

 Hi! My name is Hannah , and I thought your Comfort Dolls idea was great! I read the article in Sew News about it. I used this project as a citizenship activity, where I taught younger kids how to make them (we actually made about 30 dolls), and I made a display board showing the steps about how to make the dolls, titling it “Comfort Dolls”. I took this board as a 4-H project to the county fair, and it was selected to move on to the state fair. 

 Congratrulations to Hannah! I love the creative ways so many have found to support this project, truely inspiring!!

Good Luck Hannah on winning State!!
Smiles to All,