Wednesday, September 28, 2011

...the Australian Connection...

I received a letter today from Elizabeth in Australia.  Stop..backup... On Sunday we, Elizabeth and  I were contacted via e-mail by Jeannie Ward who works for a women's shelter in Sydney, she really loved our project and what we are accomplishing. On Oct. 9th, they are having a  "Community Cares Day" to help raise awareness of domestic/family violence and related issues. She invited us to be involved in some way. forward to today...
Elizabeth, our Australian CDP sponsor received her first doll donation in the mail! She is hoping that Jeannie will be able to display these with flyers for the  "Community Cares Day".  The timing could not have been any better.
It never ceases to amaze me how the powers that be deliver.
Now here is the photo Elizabeth included
These wonderful dolls are from a  well known Australian doll designer,  Delys Brady, who has donated part of her collection.  A lovely lady and a lovely gesture!
 Once again, thank you one and all for your participation and support for our project. It is because of every individual that our group is  such a success.
Smiles to All,

Friday, September 9, 2011

...mystery solved

the unknown Artist is Lynette Cahill fromTucson, AZ. This is a direct quote from Lynette: 
"   I primarily make quilts and use the surface design techniques I have learned in the dolls.  Besides going to a good cause, the dolls give me the opportunity to finish something on a lot less time than a quilt and they are a good avenue for my slightly skewed sense of humor."
Lynette's sense of humor comes through and they are just wonderful. !! Thanks for solving the mystery
Happy Days to All,

Thursday, September 1, 2011

good morning...donations given their due....

good morning to everyone! First off, this summer I received many wonderful donations that were not given note. So, here it is!!
a giant box full of comfort dolls from Colleen Cheshire...the box literally overfloweth, 126 comfort dolls to be exact!
Kudos our wonderful French Connection Jill McNeilly of Thank you so much for such a wonderful donation. Your faces are just fantastic!
CA Haskell from Texas sent these wonderful gems! I so love that everyone is so different and so uniques with their dolls!

Next up...ugh...I don't know who these are from, I misplaced the card...BUT...I absolutely love these!!! all the wonderful different face beads and designs you incorporate are just a hoot!! Please, set me straight so that I may give you the artist a name.

If I have somehow missed someone, please let me know. The summer without internet was just enough of a snafu to throw-off this already off -kiltered blogger!

Smiles to All,